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Messenger Bot activates community
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Create diverse and
interesting brand interactions

Post Comment Reply helps you acquire more fans!

The chatbot will automatically reply to posts and messages, allowing brands to send information to fans quickly and also increase followers and sales!

Use advertising to actively attract fans

Facebook ads are connected to chatbots, and fans click to open chatbot conversations directly, which will increase their purchase intent!

Integrate with CRM to create personalized services

Binding Facebook User ID and enterprise CRM, master omnichannel behavior of members, and establish precise marketing strategies!

Three stages of increasing brand popularity help you increase brand awareness rapidly.

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Customize the audience

Filter out the audience profile based on tag management, use the custom audiences list for advertising remarketing, attract potential fans to click and interact, and increase the rate of Facebook ads effectively.
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Creative and interesting community interaction

When fans leave a message on a post and the brand automatically replies to the message. Using post comment reply kit to significantly increase the fan interaction rate and reach.
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Omnichannel customer
service center

One-stop management of customer service messages from all channels without switching between platforms, while using automatic human-chatbot collaboration to improve service quality and efficiency
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Brands take the initiative to attract specific fans

Export subscriber lists with one click to build advert segments for remarketing

Marketers can filter specific conditions and compile a list of potential users, including user IDs, engaging channels, user tags, user parameters, etc.Easily create Facebook "Custom Audiences" and "Lookalike Audiences" for remarketing and deliver ads to the right audience!
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Facebook ads are connected
with chatbot to create opportunities to interact with fans

Facebook Sponsored Messages and Click-to-Messenger Ads by concatenating JSON lead to chatbot conversation for broadcasting discounts and latest news.The One-Time Notification helps brands sending information to users without a 24-hour policy.
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Attract fans automatically is the best way to increase followers

The post comment reply tool can increase fan page engagement rate

Fans leave a message on the post to activate the chatbot to automatically reply to the message, allowing fans to enter the chatbot conversation and become subscribers, quickly increasing the engagement rate.
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Rich and creative marketing kits are the best tools for marketers

Easily design your chatbot with over 10 prebuilt marketing kits to create over a hundred event methods, significantly increasing fan engagement and deeply rooting your brand in their minds. Rapidly deliver any type of event robot, such as Survey, Psychological test, Lucky draw, enter invoice information to redeem prizes, MGM, or Daily Check-In in merely 10 minutes.
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24-hour customer service for the best user experience

Automatic handover protocol building 24/7 services

Automatically convert to human customer service, reply to customer messages on mobile phones, never miss any customer messages, increase the flexibility of customer services, and significantly boost efficiency and satisfaction.
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2021 Facebook business partners

Abundant cross-industry development and planning experiences
Assisting business partners to develop business and explore the future


J Share Test Drive Rewards

Jaguar owners are the best brand ambassadors, as they can communicate Jaguar’s unique charms to their friends.Car owners can share their unique links to invite friends to make reservations for test drives and bring potential customer groups into the showrooms to view Jaguar car models up close and enjoy the thoughtful services.After completing the test drive, both the car owner and the friend can receive points which can be exchanged for gifts.

  • Make online test drive reservations and identify motivated potential users
  • Car owner MGM invitations resulted in test drives by 25% of new users within 60 days
  • Every three car owners attracted one new user
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Eslite Bookstore

30 Eslite Anniversary, Dream-Building Challenge

Attract users and increase engagement by the “Explore Your Hidden Celebrity Traits” event; there were 10 reading tests, funneling traffic naturally to the website to read the article and answer the questions. By completing different levels, users can attend various levels of lucky draw activities accordingly, which significantly boosts the article’s reading numbers and completion rate.

  • Staged lucky draw according to the level passed, increasing the completion rate
  • Use label management to verify user eligibility at different levels
  • Encourage users to attend the reading test event by lucky draws, attracting 11,000 interactive messages
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Test Your Foreign Country Survival Skills

VoiceTube set themes based on real life to reduce barriers for interactions, encourage users to actively engage in conversation and draw people closer.
The user must help VoiceTube’s mascot, Froggy, complete the challenges with English in different scenarios and finish the journey together!

  • Messaging with characters breaks down Fan Page interaction barriers
  • An average of 800 user interactions per day
  • Get 7800+ new users in 11 days
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Orange Apple Programming School for Kids

Customer Service Chatbot

Anyone who starts the Customer Service Chatbot can obtain information about course locations and course content, ask for leave or switch a class, and assess the frequently asked questions. Rich message formats enable users to attain answers rapidly from asking questions! For further inquiries, users can leave the questions and phone numbers for human customer service to contact.

  • Use carousel messages to provide product and service information effectively
  • Conversational surveys collect user information and inquiries automatically
  • Completed customer service process to resolve user questions
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Hahow Online School

Attribute Test for Epidemic Prevention Team

Chen Chien-Jen, the former vice president of Taiwan, visited Hahow! During the epidemic of COVID-19, Hahow launched free online courses, The General Course of Epidemic Prevention for All: Talks of the Former Vice President, Chen Chien-Jen. The event invited users to comment on the fan page to test their epidemic prevention team attributes in 2 minutes and attain certification. Let us fight against the virus with practical actions!

  • Influential KOLs came on the stump to boost engagement
  • Use the news to attract engagement and reduce the interactive threshold
  • Instantly provide personalized composite images for users to share
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HeySong Exploring Tea

Greg Hsu’s Exclusive Chatting Room

How can you miss the chance to have one-on-one interaction with the hottie, Greg Hsu?! The brand changed the profile photo and name to have Greg Hsu interacting with fans directly! Post a comment under the event post to initiate the exclusive chatting room with Greg Hsu for private interactions. Moreover, the opportunity for users to win 5,000 free taste vouchers can stimulate engagement, and the system would send a dynamic shortened URL for redeeming the gift! Once for each user. So simple!

  • The role-play kits enable the hottie celebrity to chat with users in the first person
  • Send dynamic codes to prevent multiple redemptions
  • Online to offline, the event successfully increased fan numbers by 67%
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Milo Works Out with You

Do not worry about having no partners to work out together during the epidemic prevention period at home; buy Milo products and register the receipt for a chance to win Switch + Ring Con + Ring Fit Adventure Game! Moreover, fill in a questionnaire to gain more lucky-draw opportunities! Comment under the post and upload a photo of the receipt. It is just so easy for a receipt entry event!

  • Take a photo to register, enhancing event engagement and record shopping behaviors easily
  • Automatically capture the receipt information, including the receipt number, shop name, tax ID, shopping items, and amounts
  • Fill in a questionnaire to obtain more lucky-draw opportunities, enabling event holders to collect user profiles
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Bravo Bear!

Lunar Valentine’s Day, Bravo Bear Card

The mascot of Taipei City Government, Bravo, is sending out Valentine’s Day Cards~Leave lovey-dovey words you want to say to Bravo under the post to start your "Bravo Card Collection" journey.
The more you share it with friends, the more card-draw opportunities you will get; come to collect different Bravos!

  • Use MGM kits to encourage sharing and win lucky draw chances; one share for one chance to attract interactions
  • User lucky draws by traffic diversion to send out different cute cards
  • Summarize the user’s lucky draw results to show the card collection
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Life After

Attack on Titan linkage activity

Titan has come to the apocalyptic world. Are you ready? It is time now! Send the private message “Expel Them, Live On!” at a specific time to Life After’s Facebook fan page; users can receive a code for a linkage supply tool to redeem at the website page. Let’s guard our homeland!

  • An online crossover event in gaming, sending a private message to receive a limited serial number for a linkage supply tool
  • After receiving serial number, users can click on the link to redeem and use the gift immediately
  • The event distributed more than 7,000  serial numbers in the first two weeks
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The Singleton

Search Nearby Shops by Distance

Using the chatbot to provide product introduction, event information, and shop details on the fan page, users can input their current location for searching nearby shops, navigating or making a phone call.

  • Rapidly positioning user location for searching nearby shops
  • Providing users with multiple channel options, and giving users shop types to select, such as wine sellers or bars
  • Further providing a shop list with corresponding channels to easily guide users to their destinations!
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A great customer experience starts with a conversation

A great customer experience starts with a conversation

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