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Fun interactions with lucky draws; run a lottery and send gifts immediately

Lucky Draw / Scratch-off kits enable marketers to design lucky draw games on LINE / Messenger / Instagram, setting the numbers of gifts, win probability, and number of draws. Gifts can be LINE Points with random codes or physical gifts. Marketers can download the fan engagement report to track event performance, all on the one-stop platform!

Using conversational survey for the chatbot to help you collect user lists

Collect information from the conversation between users and the chatbot; check the survey content anytime on the cloud, saving time and effort. Easily collect user lists and information from the conversation without redirecting fans to a survey page

Take photos to register! Integrate with the e-invoice platform API from the Ministry of Finance

Take a photo or input manually to complete the receipt entry. Set the criteria of receipt amount, channel, and shopping items, easily design a receipt entry campaign and find core customers.

Persona-play interactive conversation makes the immersive experience more attractive!

Changing the profile photo and name of the fan page to shorten the gap with fans, creating a more profound conversational atmosphere and rooting your brand in fans’ minds.

Match copywriting randomly to surprise users every day

The design of combining multiple copywriting gets rid of the same replies, creating an interesting and lively chatbot. Fortune sticks, psychological tests, or rock-paper-scissors games, using the random reply function to settle copywriting easily!

The best weapon for increasing fans, making fans your top advocates

Inviting new users by existing members and sending out incentives automatically when achieving targets, the campaign helps you activate social engagement, awaken dormant users, and bring massive new members. Word of mouth strategy makes every fan your top advocate!

Daily check-in kits send incentives to cultivate the good hobby of active engagement

Daily check-in kits encourage customers to sign in and interact every day; use visiting the official account and receive incentives as a lure to enhance fan adhesion and engagement!

Scheduled personalized notifications enable marketers to interact with fans at the right time

Use the chatbot to record fan behaviors at all times and proactively set specific marketing messages; when customers may need new supplies, the robot will help convert users, precisely contacting consumers at the right time to reinforce sales conversion!

A great customer experience starts with a conversation

A great customer experience starts with a conversation

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