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drag and drop interface

The visual builder enables intuitive, straightforward operation

On the chatbot platform, the mind flowchart connects multiple module messages, combines various marketing kits, and makes it easy to design flows; never need to worry about technical difficulties.

Rich message formats create interesting interactions

Rich multifunctional message formats: Apart from texts, images, carousels, audio, videos, and imagemaps, there are also one-time notification and message delay effects; additionally, you can use JSON format to create diverse conversations.

Parameter and tag management help control user behaviors and profiles

Using tags in chatbot conversations to record user interests and behaviors, precisely mapping user personas. The user parameters can collect user information easily; the chatbot platform has embedded micro-CRM, building better exclusive service attentively.

Multi-person Collaborative Editing

Flexibly set different permissions for collaborative editors based on demand, from administrator to marketing and customer service staff, team up to achieve the brand mission.

Transfer User Data Rapidly

Simply uploading user IDs (UID) can import the user list to the chatbot platform. Operators can also make user segment by tags to build user profiles.

A great customer experience starts with a conversation

A great customer experience starts with a conversation

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