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In-depth LINE operation and accurate delivery of personalized information

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Customized exclusive
customer service

Multi-version rich menu to attract customer interaction

Feel free to set up various graphic menus to express your creativity and create an eye-catching entrance to stimulate customer interaction.

User segment broadcasting help you have more accurate push while solving the blocking dilemma

An automated/manual tagging system that identifies the right audience and delivers the brand message for them!

Personalized exclusive messages to read customers' mind

Connect to the CRM system to flexibly integrate customer information and use personalized communication to make the brand become a close friend of customers.

Master each interaction
to provide more accurate conversations

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Creative marketing makes customer management incredibly fun

Prebuilt multi-marketing kits can help brands get high-value lists and increase the visit rate of their official accounts in 10 minutes.
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User tagging

Tag Confidence Index identifies audiences that match specific tag characteristics and delivers information to the right audience, effectively reducing account blocking rates!
Free switch platform

In-depth management of users

Integration with CRM system and cross-channel user information make the user experience more comprehensive and boosts business outcomes!
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Bring your customers closer together and make everyday a surprise!

With prebuilt marketing kits, you can hold a campaign in 10 minutes

More than 10 creative interactive marketing kits for you to mix and match, including Lucky draw, MGM, Invoice, Scratch-off, Daily Check-In, etc. Automatically issue prizes, dynamic discount serial numbers or coupons to increase customer interaction!
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Insight into customer interaction behavior and discover potential needs

Rich menu design for user segments to expose specific information portal

Customers with different user profiles will have personalized menu content switched by the automatic tagging system! Attract customers to click on the menu and increase conversion.
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What fans haven't thought of, you've planned first!

With accurate promotion and re-marketing, providing personalized messages to customers

Comprehensive tag management constructs user profiles, using filters such as interactive behavior, tagging time, logging sources, and purchase records to broadcast information to core audiences and increase conversion rates significantly.
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Enterprise CRM integration to upgrade a comprehensive digital experience

Conversational interaction easily completes the account binding, integrates the LINE Official Account for the brand with enterprise CRM data, develops personalized services, provides more accurate exclusive messages, and increases the message open rate!
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2021 LINE Official Technology Partner

Trustworthy application planning and development capabilitiesKeep up to date with the latest information and market trends

WeMo Scooter

Daily Switch Lucky Draw!

Sign in every day and spin the roulette wheel once for free. Invite friends to add LINE Official Account; users can collect reward points for lucky draw opportunities and win Switch LITE, free rides for half a year, 30 LINE Points, and so on, using rewards for guiding users to rent an electric scooter! The more a user invites, the better the reward.

  • Sign in every day for lucky draw opportunities and collecting points based on the number of friends invited to redeem rewards.
  • 230,000+ people participated during the campaign
  • 45,000 new friends added in the first week
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Personalized account binding to win Hahow Points!

Binding your Hahow account to Hahow LINE to enjoy more exclusive services and discounts, and 15,000 Hahow Points will be sent to your account immediately upon successful binding! No need to log in to the official website; you can view all kinds of course information and purchase history in LINE and enjoy a one-site interactive experience!

  • Free HP upon successful account binding, stimulating the growth of membership and the number of friends in LINE
  • One-stop personalized service to improve the smooth communication between enterprises and users
  • Replace LINE rich menu upon successful account binding to provide members with exclusive interaction
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Samsung Smart City

Draw a great Chinese New Year's gift!

Red envelopes for Chinese New Year! Invite your friends to join the official Samsung Smart City LINE account and complete the designated tasks to receive red envelopes at offline stores!The new red-toned products will be launched to coincide with the Chinese New Year, allowing consumers to share the event information with their friends and bring in many users to participate in the brand's activities!

  • O2O marketing model bringing online traffic to offline promotion
  • MGM + roulette to attract users to share the campaign information on their own
  • Red color for Chinese New Year, with the campaign to promote new model
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Hua Nan Assets Management

Play Lucky draw to win LINE POINTS!

With Hua Nan Assets Management auction campaign to attract more friends through MGM, expose the house auction information and invite more friends to draw more prizes! You can get great prizes, such as discount coupons for bidding service fees and 100 LINE POINTS!

  • Using MGM invitations and Lucky draw kits resulted in inviting 3.9 friends on average
  • Customize the name, quantity, probability of the prizes and export the lucky draw list with one click
  • Get 2,700 new users during the event
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Fun Ride Lab

Gogoro used the Persona Kit for interacting with users. They can follow the character on a journey and find the most suitable vehicle model before being directed to an offline store.
In the interaction process, Gogoro divided users into vehicle owners and non-vehicle owners and used the interactive channels and menus triggered by user interaction content settings to meet user requirements.
Gogoro’s chatbot is also equipped with Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology. Customers are only required to scan the back of the motorcycle registration license to calculate the amount of subsidies for the purchase of electric scooters.

  • The online-offline integration creates an uninterrupted marketing process in which every step brings potential users closer to a store
  • 500,000+ new users downloaded animated stickers in one week after they were launched
  • 13,000 users participated in 7 days; 300+ users successfully booked test rides
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The more, the luckier! Test your luck and spin the roulette wheel!

Follow VeryBuy LINE Official Account to play a lucky draw every day. Then, share the results with your LINE friends to win more lucky draw opportunities! The more you check in and share, the better awards you might get!

  • Using Daily Check-In + Lucky draw kits to increase APP visit rate
  • The more shares, the more rewards; the MGM kit directly boosts friends count
  • Bring in 6400+ new users activity in 10 days and save 82% in costs
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Taobao Taiwan

Check in every day to win LINE Points!

A daily check-in event for 7 days; any user can check in and receive LINE Points after linking account. Moreover, users can find discount coupons at “My Coupons” in the Taobao Taiwan APP. Receive rewards until users’ hands are sore! Easily maintain high visit rate on official LINE account!

  • Integrate API to distribute coupons users can redeem at any time
  • Freely set different gifts for the daily check-in event
  • Users can check in after linking account; easily maintain a high visit rate on official accounts
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A great customer experience starts with a conversation

A great customer experience starts with a conversation

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