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We are happy to announce that we have joined Appier. Together, we are creating a more personalized customer service by combining the precision automation of AI with omnichannel conversational marketing solutions.
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Instagram automation is now available on BotBonnie
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We support Facebook, Instagram and LINE to convert sales, handle frequent inquiries and build brand loyalty.

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Manage all messages from different channels on one site

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Facebook Messenger

The best tool to increase brand awareness, increase Facebook Page engagement and manage brand communities effectively.

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A personal assistant solves users' daily problems, creates accurate brand messaging and personalized services

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The most trendy way to acquire more fans.You can have automated customer services and all the marketing kits to grow your business on one site.

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FaceBook Messenger

The best tool to increase brand awareness, increase Facebook Page engagement and manage brand communities effectively.

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A personal assistant solves users' daily problems, creates accurate brand messaging and personalized services

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The most trendy way to acquire more fans.You can have automated customer services and all the marketing kits to grow your business on one site.

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Facebook business partner

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Official Technology Partner

2021 LINE Official Technology Partner

Create the value of brand-customer communication

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Create a smooth communication channel

Provide solutions, handle inquiries and improve service quality for customers to close the deal.

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Boost business outcomes

Capture more potential customers and business opportunities!Use marketing kits to drive social traffic; broadcast to specific user segments and boost convert sales.

24/7 bot

Improve operational efficiency

Fully automate replies to common questions and free up your team’s time by working 24/7 to focus on more challenging tasks.

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Team collaboration with simple and intuitive chatbot builder

Start with multiple templates to build different bots in minutes!  You can also configure different roles and permissions to edit this bot for each operator.

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Multiple marketing kits are the best tools to increase followers and sales

Easily design your chatbot with over 10 prebuilt marketing kits (including Survey, Psychological test, Lucky draw, enter invoice information to redeem prizes, MGM, Daily Check-In, etc.) for various marketing scenarios!

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Use user behavior data to capture future business opportunities

Using heatmap to show interaction rate and understand the traffic of specific events, including participants, messages, clicks, and script breakpoints, to optimize chatbot flows

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Grow your business with BotBonnie

Grow your business with BotBonnie

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Audi Taiwan

Audi Digital Assistant

Audi Taiwan takes advantage of social media to launch Audi Digital Assistant on Facebook Messenger and LINE Official Account. Car owners can initiate the intelligent Q&A service at any time, receiving the latest event information and book a test drive.

  • With a comprehensive digital integration, car owners can book a test drive or car maintenance immediately
  • Log in with the LINE ID and identify the member ID. Audi Digital Assistant can proactively predict the maintenance date and remind the user
  • Digital membership loyalty program converts maintenance costs into points which can be exchanged for brand commodities
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J Share Test Drive Rewards

Jaguar owners are the best brand ambassadors, as they can communicate Jaguar’s unique charms to their friends.Car owners can share their unique links to invite friends to make reservations for test drives and bring potential customer groups into the showrooms to view Jaguar car models up close and enjoy the thoughtful services.After completing the test drive, both the car owner and the friend can receive points which can be exchanged for gifts.

  • Make online test drive reservations and identify motivated potential users
  • Car owner MGM invitations resulted in test drives by 25% of new users within 60 days
  • Every three car owners attracted one new user
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Tiger Beer

Collect Points and Drink Tiger Beer - Cheers!

Tiger Beer created a brand-new official account with chatbot and used the Invoice Kit to collect people’s offline shopping information.Consumers can register more invoices and accumulate additional points which can be used to redeem gifts.Tiger Beer used the LINE chatbot to direct offline sales data to online applications for marketing. It used the pointcard mechanisms to increase customer loyalty and increased demand

  • Make good use of our invoice kit to encourage fans to purchase and collect points
  • Users can easily redeem prizes on their mobile phones and wait for the gifts to be sent after sending personal information
  • Get 2000+ new users in 30 days
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Fun Ride Lab

Gogoro used the Persona Kit for interacting with users. They can follow the character on a journey and find the most suitable vehicle model before being directed to an offline store.
In the interaction process, Gogoro divided users into vehicle owners and non-vehicle owners and used the interactive channels and menus triggered by user interaction content settings to meet user requirements.
Gogoro’s chatbot is also equipped with Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology. Customers are only required to scan the back of the motorcycle registration license to calculate the amount of subsidies for the purchase of electric scooters.

  • The online-offline integration creates an uninterrupted marketing process in which every step brings potential users closer to a store
  • 500,000+ new users downloaded animated stickers in one week after they were launched
  • 13,000 users participated in 7 days; 300+ users successfully booked test rides
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Taobao Taiwan

Check in every day to win LINE Points!

A daily check-in event for 7 days; any user can check in and receive LINE Points after linking account. Moreover, users can find discount coupons at “My Coupons” in the Taobao Taiwan APP. Receive rewards until users’ hands are sore! Easily maintain high visit rate on official LINE account!

  • Integrate API to distribute coupons users can redeem at any time
  • Freely set different gifts for the daily check-in event
  • Users can check in after linking account; easily maintain a high visit rate on official accounts
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Test Your Foreign Country Survival Skills

VoiceTube set themes based on real life to reduce barriers for interactions, encourage users to actively engage in conversation and draw people closer.
The user must help VoiceTube’s mascot, Froggy, complete the challenges with English in different scenarios and finish the journey together!

  • Messaging with characters breaks down Fan Page interaction barriers
  • An average of 800 user interactions per day
  • Get 7800+ new users in 11 days
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WeMo Scooter

Lucky Bonus

WeMo incorporated BotBonnie chatbot services and used common embarrassing questions from relatives during New Year to engage users.
The chatbot provides QA images with witty responses based on the results of real-time interactions and offers lucky draws with discount codes for all users.
They can let friends view creative dialogues by sharing the witty response composite image for Chinese New Year!

  • Highly personalized interaction to increase user participation rate
  • Customized lucky draw kit with prizes for everyone automatically
  • 14,000+ participants and 7,000+ new users in 11 days
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South East Travel Service

Interactive questions to collect user preferences

Facing LINE official account 2.0, South East Travel smartly designed an interactive process when users first enter the site. Through simple questions and asking consumers about their habits, countries they want to travel to, and their ideal budget, they can immediately capture consumers’ travel preferences and grasp the key information and deliver targeted information to the target audience.

  • Collect consumer profiles by questionnaire, follow-up accurate push messages and reduce the blocking rate
  • Recommend products that seem appealing to users and increase the order volume
  • Improve customer service process and solve friends' problems immediately
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The Singleton

Search Nearby Shops by Distance

Using the chatbot to provide product introduction, event information, and shop details on the fan page, users can input their current location for searching nearby shops, navigating or making a phone call.

  • Rapidly positioning user location for searching nearby shops
  • Providing users with multiple channel options, and giving users shop types to select, such as wine sellers or bars
  • Further providing a shop list with corresponding channels to easily guide users to their destinations!
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A great customer experience starts with a conversation

A great customer experience starts with a conversation

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